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Originally Posted by Scythe View Post
You guys are great, have another iffy. Bought a cheapo DCUC Sinestro from the GL 5-pack to swap heads with a spare Skallox head I have. So I pulled off the head and it came off easily, but for some reason, I had to go, so I popped his head back on. Don't know why at all, seemed like a good idea at the time. So a day later, went back at it, pulled of Sinestie's head and the ball joints that hold his head and connect it to his body came out. So now I have a GL body with stump that has a hole on it. How do I replace the balljoint that used to be there? Do they sell spare balljoints?
Boil water and soak the head then using a pair of pliers on the peg and a hand towel around the head with 30 seconds of removing from the water. You should be able remove the peg. After that it is a matter of forcing the peg back down the hole
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