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Since we've been seeing alot of Kingdom Come references and changes lately in current comics. Ie: Jason becoming Red Robin, Roy becoming Red Arrow, Wally's daughter will most likely become Kid Flash eventually. When can we expect Alan Scott to start donning the Green Lantern armor that he has in KC?
I think the concept is pretty sweet, his battery is his suit, so he no longer wears a ring nor requires a charge. Similar how to when he became one with the Starheart and didn't need a ring or charge anymore. Maybe then he can start calling himself Sentinel again. Or something like Emerald Knight or Emerald Warrior.
Jason was not Red Robin in KC.

And "Sentinal"? Might as well call him "Generic Superguy #483" or something. I always hated that name. Plus there was a dorky Image character using it at the time....
remember this crap?
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