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That teaser = old news. I saw that.

What I am trying to say is:
a) Oz threatens the Cabal with shadow guy if they cross him
b) BOTH Emma & Namor (who saw shadow guy) went ahead and crossed Oz anyway.
c) Shadow guy never shows, Osborn doesn't mention shadow guy going after them nor does he happen to speak the the person who is standing in the shadows in a way that would suggest that Norman warned them about this and now they have to pay mini-teaser of what is to come, Emma & Namor don't say anything about hoping the person doesn't come after them or even preparing for the figh for when he does show.

So, I am sure the X editors are aware of this plot thread and are either keeping it mum for a suprise twist on thier end after/during Necrosha or they are just ignoring it in the X books for now and letting the Avengers people handle it.
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