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Originally Posted by Darth_Primus View Post
I picked up all the New52 Crime Syndicate figures, except for Ultraman. For some reason my local comic book store did not hold it for me. Deathstorm is a cool figure as the arm joints are hidden underneath the "clothing." Power Ring is pretty cool too. I did not know he came with a lantern, so that I was a nice bonus surprise for me.
I got Superwoman, Deathstorm, and Power Ring. I'm also a fan of PR's lantern. This is also the best Superwoman ever--far superior to her DCUC counterpart. I want Johnny and Atomica, but I'm not sure about Ultraman. His arms are stubby and a bit too thin. I'd have to find that fig at a considerable discount.

DCC has stepped up it's game with the detail and articulation, but I wish the extra inch that they have added to the scale would vanish. It's not a huge detriment when they displayed with older DCD/DCUC figs, but it's noticeable.
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