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Teen Beach Movie (2013)

"He acts all British, but he's really from Pittsburgh."

Two surfer teens are hit by a rogue wave during a storm and wash up in a 1960s surf-and-turf-war musical. But things don't go as scripted when the musical's leads fall for them instead of each other.

My dad is a fan of this and its sequel, though I haven't even put the second onto my Netflix list.

This was a nice take on the song-and-dance/Romeo-and-Juliet, an amusing throwback and riff on older rom-coms. I enjoyed seeing Barry Bostwick again, though I think the ending didn't need to have the film's cast coming forward into the present reality (hopefully that isn't the sequel's premise). The musical numbers were actually fairly decent and the scientist was funny, but the surfer hunk was a bit too thick-headed even for a parody. I did like the whole "Rodents" gag and the one chick who wants her hair super-tall and is told to avoid ceiling fans (and Mack, the film's female lead, looked good as a biker chick when they dressed her up). I kind of liked Sea Cat, he had a nice name and the Angry Birds joke.

I also thought the name "Wet Side Story" was very amusing, if a little punny.
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