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[Rifftrax:] Spider-man (2002/7)

"One can only assume spiders are morons."

Megamind (2010)

"Oh, you're a villain, all right; just not a super one.
-What's the difference?

Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Thor: Ragnarok ... And every time the Immigrant Song played, I was that much more impressed.
When I first saw that movie and that first bar played, I was like "about time." Wish it went even longer.

Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
True story: this is how I learned what a breast pump was. I did see it back in the day and it was damn disturbing. Probably still is. I wouldn't watch it again.
One thing struck me. At the beginning, when Rebecca De Mornay has the miscarriage and they do that shot like in a lot of movies of all the blood, I realized that always bothers me. It's kind of odd since that's a uniquely womanly thing and I don't have any kids. Not sure why that bothers me any more than all the decapitations or disembowlings I've seen in movies unless it's that I've known some women who suffered miscarriages (and, thankfully, no one that were capitated).
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
óJohn Lennon

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