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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave Skywalker View Post
So you have most of the figures? Even the ones at the end?
Of the standard run figures, I have much more than I don't, but I'm not great on accesories, vehicles, and playsets and my stuff was crazy played with, so most of it is not in great condition.

I actually am even better on the late stuff ('86-88) than the early because at that point I had some allowance and knew the names of what I was looking for. A lot of the real fun, bizarre stuff (like Mosquitor) comes from that period.

Like with Star Wars, there are also hard-to-find variants, which I don't have any of. That mostly has to do with paint variants used in the Mexican release of the toys.

One of these days, I need to set up what I have around my Snake Mountain playset and take some photos. The one problem with MotU is that their rubber-joint legs haven't aged well over 30+ years, so a lot of them don't stand.
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