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Originally Posted by Kilowog View Post
Sorry if this subject has been discussed before, but I'm new here and after some searching, I didn't find it, so here it is :

I often see people complaining about Johns, and I'm a "new" GL reader (started in blackest night). I admit my background is mostly marvel, and they have Bendis. I don't want to make a VS thread, but I understand all the complaints about Bendis and it's clear he disrespect his fans and continuity, and I'm the first to hope he'll stop polluting the comic industry, but Johns ?

Why do people seem to hate him so much ? I really liked what I read from him, and he's so better than Bendis and than a great bunch of writers also IMO. Please help me understand.
The bitching mainly stems from older fans who hate that their "continuity" no longer exists.

and Bendis does not disrespect his fans. I've actually met the man and he's awesome and down to earth, same with Johns. Johns gave me a doughnut
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