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I really don't get the appeal of slasher films and Zombie flicks bore me.

On the flip side, I loved Event Horizon, Trick'R'Treat, (Laars Von Trier's) Kingdom, and Let The Right One In. Where the horror is very much supernatural and often doesn't get fully explained so the horror follows you out of the cinema as you work it out in your own head.

I like my horror to be something where the intensity builds throughout the film but isn't just there for the next 'jump' moment.

Deadpool, British Lantern if you're interested, there's a great independent Horror film festival held in October at the Sheffield Showroom (usually the weekend before Halloween) called Celluloid Screams. Tickets are around 60 which covers the Friday Evening shows, all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Have a look at the Website if you're interested. (It should go without saying, over 18s only)
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