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Originally Posted by Jack T. Chance View Post
OK, so, I lied... I actually took these pictures awhile back, so I'll post them tonight, while I'm at it. This is the most recent Power Ring product DC Direct has offered. A few years ago, DC Direct decided to do a common theme on all their prop replicas, and the theme they chose was Planet Krypton. In the Alex Ross graphic novel Kingdom Come, some of the characters visit a theme restaurant loosely based on the real-life Planet Hollywood chain, called Planet Krypton. As a mecca of superhero pop culture, they feature all sorts of superhero memorabilia in their fictional establishment. So, DC Direct thought it would be cool to do a line of Planet Krypton branded prop replicas.

The Power Ring set contains retooled/reworked versions of the 4 power ring replicas previously released with the mini busts, and one new ring available nowhere else: The magical ring worn by Power Ring of the Crime Syndicate of America (who come from Earth-3 Pre-Crisis, and from the Anti-Matter Universe Post-Crisis.) These were limited to 2000 pieces, and are now very hard to come by on eBay, as they don't turn up all that often. Original MSRP was somewhere around $90, but expect to pay a lot more than that to get one on the aftermarket.

Here's some pics, showing off all the packaging, the Certificate of Authenticity, and the rings themselves.

Outer sleeve

Gift box (I really like the lovely emerald green they used! )


Inside of box, with nifty metallic green PK logo!

Close-up of rings

There are several variations between these rings, and the original versions released with the mini busts, some of which will be immediately noticeable (like the much lighter shade of green used on Alan Scott's ring) and some of which will not be noticeable unless one is able to compare the 2 versions side-by-side. But that's where I'll be providing assistance in my next few posts!

That's it for tonight, gotta hit the hay.

Oh, and something I keep forgetting to mention: Jim, I of course give my permission to reuse these photos for the site. But I'd suggest watermarking them with a site logo, otherwise they might start getting used in eBay auctions very quickly. I'd watermark them myself, if I could figure out how to do that with my camera's photo editing software. :-/
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