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Red face

Originally Posted by GLJIMT View Post

It's been awhile since a post was made here - like a WEEK! - I still need help with this my biggest concern is T-Shirts at the moment -

I own nearly all the figures so that is the easiest for me
Oops! Sorry about that, Jim.

My mind's been on other things, I've been doing all kinds of refresher training at work the last 2-3 weeks, so that's been occupying my thoughts lately.

I've suddenly ended up with the day off from work tomorrow (last-minute schedule change) so I'll post some more pics and info tomorrow for you.

As for help with T-shirts, well... I can post pictures of the few that I own at some point, if you want. Although I own several, I know my collection is just a drop in the bucket compared to Dave's, though! He is, apparently, the GL T-shirt KING!
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