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Originally Posted by W.West View Post
I dont wanna say this latest issue was crap, but it was really boring and felt like an overcomplicated way of reaching the of the book. It felt like JMS wrote a bunch of "cool" scenes for Don Kramer to draw but didn't bother making them make sense. This book doesn't know what kind of tone it wants to be.
I didn't think it was boring, but probably overcomplicated as the story went straight to hell. Initially, I thought we would spend several issues here, but I glad to see that wasn't the case. It was a really quick read, and there wasn't much substance to it, but rather a hint to things to come like Hades and Wonder Woman's confrontation with Cerberus.

Originally Posted by JohnnyV View Post
It was an entertaining read, mostly cause of Kramer. But it really didn't feel like anything important occurred.
Kramer's work of the souls trapped on this side of the Styx was defiinitely cool. And I would agree that this issue didn't advance the storyline, which is disappointing because the story was moving along at a pretty good pace. Hopefully things will get back on track in the next issue.

Originally Posted by Bruce Castle View Post

Interesting review of the issue and better comments below it. I wouldn't say it's a classic hero's quest, but it's working towards it.
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