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Originally Posted by Michael Heide View Post
I'm calling bs on that one. If "The Green Lantern" by Morrison and Sharp starred Kyle instead of Hal, it would sell and stay in print just as well. If Tom King or Scott Snyder or Bendis or any other of DC's big name writers were to do a Kyle series with decent art, it would sell and stay in print. If Jim Lee decided to pencil another monthly, it would sell and stay in print.
Didio hates Kyle and any other next generation heroes like Nightwing, Wally or Roy Harper. He has kept killing and maiming and otherwise ruining them left and right, ever since he took over as editor in chief all those years ago.
He and Geoff have tried to make Hal happen for 15 years. They threw Kyle under all sorts of busses. But Kyle's fanbase is still there. They have reached Volume 3 of the Marz/Banks/Pelletier reprint paperbacks. People keep asking for him in every GL project they've announced. If they only gave him a capable creative team and a spotlight role instead of handing him around from rookie writer to mediocre team book, he would even outsell Hal.
If Kyle were popular, then he wouldn't need a popular writer to sell a comic. But you say that's what he needs, and you're right about that. Then the comic would be about the writer and not about Kyle.

I agree that Hal doesn't set the woods on fire the way DC thinks he should and is never going to, and that they've got to stop pushing him as a franchise carrier. I've been saying that for a long time. You can't sell three Green Lantern B comics that revolve around a flagship GL comic that stars Hal, the way Geoff tried to. The whole idea of A comics and B comics is ridiculous. It's hard enough to sell an A comic. No B comic is going to sell. You could sell Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen B comics long ago, but not now, at four dollars a pop. Those days aren't comic back.

Kyle is in the best place he could possibly be. Take him out of Titans and watch him crash, then listen to his cheering section -- what's left of it -- blame it on the writer. That's exactly what would happen. Leave him alone. He's fine. More people are seeing him every month now than have seen him in 25 years. There's not a bigger stage for him that won't collapse.
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