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Default Greetings

I've been a Green Lantern fan since 2001. I believe my first issue was #137. Kyle was, and still is, my favorite.

I was upset when I heard about Rebirth, but Geoff Johns made me become a fan of Hal quickly. I've tried to follow Kyle in whatever books he was featured in, and I've continued to read the main GL title since then.

I may not post here often as I am kind of a binge reader at times. I can get a year behind then feel guilty and catch up in a couple hours.

I don't read the Green Lanterns comic with Simon and Jessica, but might try it if I get time. i don't read as many comics these days as I used to.

My favorite comic character is Superboy (Kon-El). I miss him.

Nice to see a forum devoted to Green Lantern. I'll try to add my two cents when i can.
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