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Kinda the same for Barry Allen. Barry's been dead for 20 years and there are still plenty of people hoping for his return. I suppose there's something about Barry and Hal that must resonate with readers of a particular age. They really were the two characters that ushered in the Silver Age. And really, Green Lantern and Flash are the two titles that seem to have their lead characters dicked around with the most. Weird.

Maybe its the archetypal nature of characters like Hal and Barry that readers like, rather than the desperately flawed characters of the modern era.

I'm still hoping for Ted Kord's return.....
I don't quite get the Barry thing myself. I can see how fans want "their" Flash back, b-but- Barry's death and Wally's subsequent rise to heroism? Was one of the rare instances that the hero death/replacement cycle was done *well*. I can't imagine why anyone would want to mess with it. :P

Oh, Ted. T__T The aftermath of HIS death has been handled so much better than the death itself, I've stopped wanting him alive again. Let him rest for at least ten years (or have Booster pick up a wayward Beetle from the multiverse or something. MISMATCHED BLUE AND GOLD, TRAIPSING THROUGHOUT THE MULTIVERSE. HOW WOULD THAT NOT BE BEAUTIFUL?)
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