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Originally Posted by KILLER-CLONE View Post
NT Platypus claims that his 'theories' are not baiting. But clearly they are. Otherwise why write them? Unless he's trying to outwardly deny his sub-conscoius love affair with Hal.

To be honest I don't think his views warrant a response. Its childish, pointless character bashing bought about by his apparent 'boredom' at work. Although I doubt he could get that bored working the drive thru at KFC.

I'm assuming by his name that he's an Aussie and I'm embarressed as a fellow Australian by his Anti-Hal ramblings (no doubt composed prior to typing with a crayon)
Just an FYI here and since NT Platypus is not a member here it's not a big deal but this is as far as we would like to go with personal attacks. A couple of witty remarks are fine but If he shows up this could deteriorate into a bash session. Again just an FYI.... continue.
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