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Originally Posted by Star-Lantern View Post
There is a "rather bad" Judd Winnick Green Lantern issue that informs us that John couldn't walk because of psychological trauma that Judd Winnick invented on the spot... so no, it didn't have to do that planet that blew up. It had to do with some dead sister. John got over it that very issue and started walking. His back was actually perfectly healthy, John just imposed not being able to walk upon himself in his mind.

So that was resolved, it was just silly. I believe his back actually did get broken in his battle with Grayven, but Hal healed it up so it was as good as new. Ron Marz and/or Kevin Dooley didn't like that, so he had John go back to the wheelchair due to saving Kyle from Fatality by blasting the Parallax energy at her and thus relinquishing it. But according to the Winnick comic, John was still physically able to walk at that time. He just... didn't want to deep down in his head.

The biggest unresolved GL plot thread I can think of is who sent the Corps into the past during Lost Army, why did they do it, and why was Krona there? We didn't get answers to any of that.

This isn't unresolved, but I wish I had asked Len Wein what his original plan for Mr. Smith and the Predator was, because I'm almost certain it isn't what Steve Englehart came up with. I asked him questions on a con panel before, but I didn't think to mention that, and I regret it.

I during an online Q and A I did ask Cullen Bunn about those Lost Army questions, and I'm almost certain he intentionally blew me off, which slightly offended me. The Q and A was geared mostly toward webcomic creators, so I guess he didn't feel like answering such specific questions about Lost Army, plus I get the impression that whatever went on with him and that title's abrupt cancellation was kind of messy behind the scenes. But I felt I needed to ask, because I knew that I would otherwise NEVER know. Looks like he is going to take those secrets to his grave. We may never know.
Oh well...
I feel you. Many a question of mine has been brushed off at a panel.
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