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This is over fourty years old, and the comic book fans writing in sound exactly the same as they do today. It's almost comforting to know that some things *truly* never change.

I really miss letter columns. Back when I was an X-Men and Sonic reading little girl, I would always be excited to finish an issue because I had the LETTERS COLUMN!!!! to look forwards to. Hell, even now whenever I buy a batch of older comics, the first thing I do it flip to the back and read the letters. I guess the theory here in getting rid of them is that fans can now communicate opinions through the internet. :P 20 years ago when, like, Terra first betrayed the Titans or whatever, there was no way to know what comic fans outside your circle of friends thought about plot twists BESIDES reading the letter columns.

But I still miss them. D:

Thanks for posting this!
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