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Originally Posted by Ωmega Man View Post
I think their treatment of Red Guy screwed the pooch. Red Guy was one of the most entertaining bits from Blackest Night and WotGL's. He was insane. When TPTB wanted to make the Reds anti-heroes, ala Venom Lethal Protector, it just got stupid. Making Guy a Red again was their Hail Mary to keep the series going and they fumbled the ball. Long hair? A goatee? Are you ****ing serious?

Atrocitus reminds me of Venom in several key aspects with the most important being at he's the kind of morally complex character who can be used in many different ways. I can envision him one day having a renaissance similar to what Venom is having now. If he starts making Arrowverse or DC movie appearances, we'll see the RLC reassert themselves into DC events.
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