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Originally Posted by Mister Ed View Post
Really, as being a Green Lantern has become more of a full-time job over the years, where the Guardians kind of expect you to be handling stuff throughout your sector all the time, it becomes somewhat absurd that the Guardians don't seem to provide for GL's necessities of living. Somebody like Superman or the Flash, they got their powers through some freak occurrence or accident of birth, and took up heroing on their own initiative, so it makes some sense that they might need another job to make ends meet since nobody HIRED them to be a hero.

But Green Lanterns aren't like that. An organization basically offers them a job (a very demanding job, I might add), and it seems somewhat ludicrous under those circumstances that they are not being compensated, at least sufficiently to allow them to avoid having to hold down another job just to get funds to live on. Frankly, if GL has a "day job" it should be something he does because he loves it, and can somehow manage to fit it in alongside his main responsibilities. He shouldn't have to have the job to make ends meet, and he shouldn't be ABLE to have any job that doesn't allow him to put his GL job first. (Unless the writers want to change the nature of the GLC such that the Guardians actually assign on-duty shifts to various GLs, and their time outside that is entirely their own. Then a GL could have any job that fit the schedule.)

It isn't that GL shouldn't have to earn a living, it is that being a GL increasingly seems like a full-time job the way it is written, and he should either be able to earn his living doing THAT, or it needs to be written to be less of a full-time job.
It should be noted that in both the old 1970s GLC and the more recent animated versions of the GLC, most GLs are treated as being in a "known" para-galactic space cop organization with rules and obligations. Each GL is known as being from its' sector, doesn't have a secret identity, and serves the Guardians' will for as long as physically possible.

Hal Jordan was the first GL to come along and "mask" his identity on his home planet. It was (at first) a fairly Human idea of secret identity, not only to protect himself, but family members, friends, possible loved ones, etc from evildoers trying to strike back at a Green Lantern, blackmail them, or just cause fear and terror (as seen with and other Sinestro Corps members). As seen with Arisa and Tomar-Tu, certain races or families were even "favored" by the GLC.

This whole business of "selfless service" comes from the Guardians' rule of not using a GL power ring "for personal gain". But there have been several GLC stories, Sinestro included, of GLs becoming virtual dictators on their planets, and the Guardians looking the other way, for a portion of time at least, as long as order was kept. We've also seen cases were a GL power ring can provide all necessary life support for a wearer, to the point of not needing to eat or sleep (as in the case of Guy Gardner being given "Superboy monitoring duty" for 30? days). So the "personal gain" appears to be a fine line.

I, for one, don't want a Booster Gold-type argument, but each superhero spends a long more time in the cape than not, and that's not conductive to a normal life, let alone a job with a boss. They should be able to earn money doing something, even just using their JLA card at a local ATM. If Superman can make diamonds out of coal, Green Lantern can transmute matter from dirt into gold coins, or just dig up a sizable boulder of rare earth minerals the way Power Girl did. A local Sector House should store commodities for local trade within itself.

So let Hal stay a 1960s test pilot (or whatever the 2000 retcon was), and he doesn't need a job.
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