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Carol disappeared before the Omega Men started, as detailed above.

I never agreed with Carol following Kyle. Carol Ferris as always been in love with Hal Jordan. The writers just wanted another human's opinion of Kyle as he became a White Lantern, that's all. Which they could have done much better with Jade, but oh, that's right, they killed off Jade to make her father Alan Scott a homosexual in the DCNew universe. Ooops!

Much like how John Stewart tried personally to bring Fatality back, and the writers made her violently reject John and the Star Sapphire ring.

Or the entire "all the Corps' children are going to be kidnapped by the Sinestro Corps" storyline that made being married in the GLC a doomsday prediction. Ugh. Name me one successful boyfriend/girlfriend or marriage in the DCU other than Superman/Lois Lane.
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