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Originally Posted by sundrop View Post
What was up with Scarabs attacking Odym (Blue Lantern Homeworld)? Did they go on to the next planet, still there, or did they get pushed back? Seems like that plot got dropped when Blue Beetle New52 was cancelled.

What happened with the New God who was tempted by Sinestro's yellow ring?
It was a depowering of the Color Corps, a way to get rid of the Blue Lantern Corps. Relic just finished up killing off the Blue Lantern Corps except for Saint Walker. An attempt was made by Ganthet, Sayd, and the Guardians of the Universe to bring back the entire Blue Lantern Corps from the dead by using the power of the White Lantern to resurrect people, with Saint Walker as a "lightning rod". It ended up depowering Kyle from White Lantern back to Green-only Lantern.

Was this the last sighting of Saint Walker as well?
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