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I just read it. IMO the fill in art was MUCH better than Tan's. I could at least read the book and not lose interest. I think we were spoiled for many years by Geoff Johns' having the marquee value that allowed him to always have the a list artists to work with. EVS, Reis, Mahnke, even THEIR fill ins were fantastic. Right now GL isn't on DC's front burner and I wish it was again because Tan's art is sub par. For this issue he only did the cover and one page, but that was two pages too many IMO. The cover alone is always a big fail that a comic book can't afford.

Decent story; nothing groundbreaking, but competent. I'm kind of looking forward to the end now that it's only a few months/issues away. I want to see a major change. Either things get MUCH better, or DC does their garbage they've shoveled out since 2010 and I'm done. I'd much rather see DC regain some of it's former glory and have a new golden age, but that seems unrealistic at this point.
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