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Originally Posted by Dave Cormier View Post
Also, sometimes I'll do marathons of various versions of a monster. Dracula is great for this. From Lugosi to the Coppola version (though I've never seen the Jack Palance version in it's entirety).
That's a cool idea I haven't tried yet.

I like Dracula, though. It does have that feeling of "we're still learning how to do talkies." And it was adapted from a stage show (with Lugosi), so it might explain the long shots etc.

Funny, I had a group recently watch that and a friend said the lack of soundtrack bothered him. I hadn't really thought about it before. I personally think soundtracks and scores are overused today. Movies have become musically dependent on telling the audience how to feel.

Also, the original Invisible Man is pretty good. I think Claude Rains is one of the best actors ever, even when he's relying mostly on his voice. I haven't watched the sequels yet.
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