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Got to say, I'm not a huge JSA fan. I wouldn't mind picking up period piece stories with them in the 40s once in a while or something, but on the whole they really strike me as just the JLA's predecessor... in the here and now they seem redundant and serve as just a constant reminder that nothing changes and no one -- not even 100 year old guys -- ever dies or hangs up their hat in DC. Basically, a truffle of nostalgia for the nostalgiacs (not to knock them... I'm a nostalgiac, too, but moreso I like to see things move forward, not backwards).
I think the JSA has a rich history. That book, since it came back in the late 90s, has had much more solid writing AND art that JLA. it is consitantly a well writen book and JLA is so up and down.

Comparing the JLA to the JSA is like comparing the Teen Titans to the JLA.

Still, if you really lke to see things move forward, why would a Silver Age team from the 1960s be anymore "forward" than the golden age one from the 1940s? Why not just root for the Outsiders or a brand new team? Then again when the JLA had a very different and new team it was a Detroit disaster.
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