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Originally Posted by Duskdog View Post
Yeah, that would be random and kind of annoying. I realize that we don't know a whole lot about his sister, but I hope that, when she does reappear, the way she acts still jives with what little we've seen of her.

Also, random observation that barely applies to this thread: Even though lots of other people apparently do, I don't find Indigo attractive at all. So I refuse to believe that she's Korugarian, because, as I am attracted to all Korugarians, it would be a logical fallacy.

Ha, if Arin Sur is Soranik's mom, maybe Sinestro's sister is secretly Amon Sur's mom!

"Hey, Abin. I just thought of something. I'm single. You're single. You have a sister. I have a sister..."
It's possible, would make a great storyline.
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