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Gail Simone & Ethan Van Sciver Collab for GREEN LANTERN OGN?

Okay, let's stop and take a breath here because shit is going down. Ready? Good. Let's recap first by stating that this previous weekend was the C2E2 convention where Geoff Johns announced that former Green Lantern artist and frequent collaborator Ethan Van Sciver would be working on the upcoming Green Lantern Annual. Later in the week, Ethan Van Sciver announced his departure from his current gig as co-writer/co-artist of The Fury of Firestorm so he could "draw some GREEN LANTERN and finish this ogn that I’ve been working on." Whatever you do, don't forget that last bit.

Friday afternoon, I did some quick digging and found some awesome new Van Sciver GL art, and assumed it was for the annual. While that may still be true, we have new information that says it may not be for the annual AT ALL.

In an interview with MajorSpoilers, current Batgirl writer and former co-writer on Firestorm(with EVS), Gail Simone confirmed that the OGN(original graphic novel) that Ethan mentioned just a day before is a GREEN LANTERN (related) OGN that they are working on! Like I said before, SHIT IS GOING DOWN. Simone wouldn't provide many details about the upcoming novel but she did have this to say:

"It is going to come out as a graphic novel so it’s going to be 90 pages and the reason we haven’t announced it yet is that we want to get more of it done before we announce it, it’s really a lot of work to do 90 pages and have it ready all at once, but it’s a huge story, there’s a lot of big scary horrific elements, the kind that Ethan loves to draw, and that I love to write, and probably most of it’s characters that you like."

"...It’s stand alone, it’s a graphic novel, it’s not tying into the New 52 universe...this event could take place somewhere in time in the DCU.

When pressed, Gail couldn't confirm if it would feature everyone's favorite asshole Guy Gardner. Though if the art Ethan posted earlier is for this OGN and not the Johns penned Annual, then we know it will feature John Stewart and Superman. On Facebook, EVS & Simone had this to say so lantern fans take this may not be exactly what it sounds like...

Is this OGN a potential first volume in a Green Lantern: EARTH ONE series that compliments the already released Superman and upcoming Batman volumes? Could DC be bringing their All Star line/brand back starting with GL and not Wonder Woman? Is it even a Green Lantern OGN and not just a cameo or two? Only time will tell and based on the rapid amount of information given in the last week, I don't suspect we'll be in the dark for long.

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