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Default Recap: Green Lantern at C2E2 2012

Recap: Green Lantern at C2E2 2012

Convention season rolls on into Chicago with C2E2! If you couldn't make it there this year or were simply too busy to keep up with everything there, here is a recap of all things lantern related over the C2E2 weekend.

DC Comics started the weekend off announcing a 3-Day Digital Comics "Zero Hour" Sale and that they will publish 5 digital first series for every weekday. The first big DC Comics panel was All Access but unfortunately not many GL tidbits came from there. Geoff Johns mentioned that Black Hand would play a major role in the coming issues, as alluded to in the July solicitations.

At the New52 panel, Geoff Johns announced that former GL and current Firestorm artist Ethan Van Sciver will return to draw the Green Lantern Annual. The annual is set for release after the "Revenge of Black Hand". Johns was mum on exactly when we'd see the long ago promised Orange Lantern oath, but said "There's a lot more Larfleeze coming up" and followed it up with "Ask me next year."

Previously seen on Cartoon Network's MadTV, Saturday morning's DC Nation block featured a nice riff on Green Lantern and Care Bears. Check out the video here. To counteract the happiness of the Care Bears, here is a picture of a new Sinestro bust from C2E2 which is quite evil looking. Back to the cute stuff, at the DC Comics Kids! panel, a question on the possibility of Parallax making an appearance in Green Lantern: The Animated Series Comic, writer Art Baltazar could only say "someday" since they are dealing with the Red Lanterns for now.

Back on Friday, CBR provided a preview of Justice League #8. Speaking of the League, Johns stated that we'll get to see the first time Hal Jordan and Barry Allen(The Flash) meet sometime "in the next 12 months or so." He also mentioned that things get worse for Hal Jordan during the current Secret of Indigo Tribe arc and even worse after when Black Hand enacts his revenge. Speaking on revenge, don't look forward to another Superman Prime appearance as there are "no plans right now" for the character.

Geoff may or may not have been joking when mentioning that the newly formed DC Collectibles line was looking to design a Mogo the form of a beachball. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Well there you have it, everything Green Lantern related from this year's C2E2. It's like you were actually there, right? Yeah, time just buy a ticket.

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