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Peter Milligan Compares "Red Lanterns" & "Stormwatch"

We mentioned before that Red Lanterns writer Peter Milligan would be getting a new artist for the series, as Ed Benes departs. We also noted in solicitations that the new artist, Miguel Sepulveda would start as cover artist with issue #9. Miguel joins the lantern team after premiering the Stormwatch book with writer Paul Cornell. The two titles will feature a small two part crossover starting in May with Stormwatch #9 and continuing with Red Lanterns #10. Below is an excerpt from a CBR interview with Milligan where he briefly chats about why the titles crossover and comparisons between the two.

In your very first issue, you have Stormwatch dealing with the Red Lantern Skallox. What can you tell us about this first arc? Why pit Skallox against Stormwatch?

That just fell into place in a very organic way. As with a lot of my early Stormwatch stories, this will to dig a little deeper into the history and meaning of the team, and into the lives of the characters, wrapped up in a high-action violent and dangerous tale.

To your mind, what sets the Stormwatch team apart from the other teams you've written, like "Red Lanterns" or "Justice League Dark?"

Well, like "Justice League Dark," this is about characters and it's a book that can and will have a bit of weirdness in it. Unlike "Justice League Dark," of course, it is less concerned with the superhero side of things. That said, Stormwatch exists in a world were there are superheroes and I want to address that head on. I think Stormwatch is different from "Red Lanterns" in tone and in objectives. Though the similarity is that in both books one of the things I wanted to do was find out more about the characters.

Both books are pretty different but as we've seen in the Skallox-Stormwatch issue and as we will see when Atrocitus comes onto the scene these two teams, these two realities, co-exist in the same universe.
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