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Default New Red Lanterns Artist: CONFIRMED

New Red Lanterns Artist Coming Soon?

The Peter Milligan written series Red Lanterns just hit its seventh issue this week, and as usual Ed Benes provided the art. However, Ed was not alone in providing art for the issue as he was assisted by Diego Bernard (and a total of four inkers). It's this little note along with a late night announcement from DC Comics that tells me that Red Lanterns will have someone else coming in to give life to Milligan's words.

Last night, DC Comics announced that two of their Batman family books would be getting artist changes. Batwoman and Detective Comics, respectfully. What's of importance to lantern fans here is that the aforementioned Benes was named as the upcoming Detective Comics artist. Benes will be drawing issues #10-12 of that title, leaving a hole in one of our lantern books. We know from the most recent solicitations that Ed Benes is still listed as the Red Lanterns artist up to issue #9.

It is not yet clear if Benes' Detective Comics work will permanently keep him away off Red Lanterns or just for those three months. While DC has recently set a precedent for flipping and switching creative teams, it doesn't seem very likely that Tony Daniel(Detective Comics' current artist) will hop on over. Despite my own yearning for something unique, it also doesn't seem likely that the now displaced Batwoman artist Amy Reeder will be coming on either.

We'll obviously update once we find out who'll be joining Peter Milligan. Red Lanterns is the lowest selling lantern title but it is still pulling solid numbers. So I don't expect to see any announcement of the book being canceled. Pull out your wishlists because the guessing game begins...NOW.


Well the answer was in front of the entire time. As you can read above, we pondered if Red Lanterns would be getting a new artist since Ed Benes is leaving for Gotham(Detective Comics). Now we know that it's true and that artist will be Miguel Sepulveda. Sepulveda, who signed exclusively with DC Comics this past October, was most recently seen strutting his stuff in Paul Cornell's Stormwatch title. The ninth issue of Red Lanterns will feature a cover done by Miguel, and the tenth issue will see him on the interiors. Peter Milligan stays on board as writer and the title will feature more cameos than just Guy Gardner as both Stormwatch and the Star Sapphires are making their way into the book. Welcome Miguel Sepulveda to a book, this is your fate!


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