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Default Green Lantern Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Green Lantern Holiday Gift Guide

It's that special time of the year where U.S. citizens fill their stomach with turkey and assorted foods. Then rush off into the night to snag the latest merchandise that will benefit them and others during the cold winter season. So I have graciously provided a list of casual items for the Green Lantern fan in your life, or more likely, just for you. Without further delay, here is your Green Lantern Holiday Gift Guide for 2011.


Chances are very unlikely that you are new to Green Lantern. Chances are very likely that you have everything listed below. But in case you don't, allow me to tempt you into getting into Green Lantern comics.

Start your GL collection with DC Comics greatest packaging collection!
In 2004, writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver - the team behind the current blockbuster THE FLASH: REBIRTH - restored Hal Jordan to his place as the greatest Green Lantern of all with the best-selling miniseries GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH! Now, DC Comics is pleased to present this perennial favorite in the slipcased, Absolute format. Follow Hal Jordan on his journey from fearless test pilot to Super Hero, from villain to the spirit of vengeance, and finally, returning to his true calling as Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. This amazing Absolute edition includes GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH #1-6, GREEN LANTERN #1, the preview story from Wizard Magazine and a tale from GREEN LANTERN SECRET FILES 2005 featuring spectacular artwork by Darwyn Cooke.

Maybe Hal Jordan isn't your favorite lantern. We've got just the thing!
Collecting the first six issues of the new series re-establishing the legendary Green Lantern Corps! From the Guardians' citadel on the newly fortified planet Oa, Green Lantern Guy Gardner is assigned - against his will - to a feudal world of shadows and sudden death. And across the galaxy, new Lanterns discover what it truly means to wear the Corps insignia, as their courage and comradeship is tested to the limit.
Want some love in your Green Lantern comics? Of course you do!
The war with the Sinestro Corps may have ended, but the Green Lanterns still face some unlikely ripples from the battle in this new collection! Featuring GREEN LANTERN CORPS #27-32.
Love Green Lantern but want some DC Universe heroes too?
As the war between the different Corps rages on, the prophecy of the Blackest Night descends in this hardcover collecting the best-selling BLACKEST NIGHT #0-8. Now, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps lead DC's champions into battle to save the universe from an army of Black Lanterns made up of the DCU's deceased heroes and villains!

Enjoy the latest Green Lantern comics crossover featuring all 4 Earth lanterns!
With the entire Green Lantern Corps against them, the four Earthborn GLs - Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart - make a choice that will rank among the most memorable in GL history. But not all of them agree on what has to be done and what lines can be crossed. Can these warriors overcome their differences in time to save the universe? Find out in this new hardcover collecting GREEN LANTERN #63-66, GREEN LANTERN CORPS #58-60 and GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD WARRIORS #8-10!
Maybe you want to dive into the history of Green Lantern comics?
The greatest adventures of the Emerald Gladiator, collected in one volume! Thrill to the exploits of several Green Lanterns in stories from GREEN LANTERN ('40s) #1; ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #89; GREEN LANTERN ('60s-70s) #1, 9, 87, 172; SUPERMAN #257, TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS ANNUAL #3, GREEN LANTERN ('90s) #3, 0; GREEN LANTERN: MOSAIC #5; GREEN LANTERN GALLERY and GREEN LANTERN SECRET FILES 2005.
Want to get into the latest Green Lantern stories?

The red-hot GREEN LANTERN team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke introduce a new unexpected Green Lantern.
Writer Peter Tomasi returns to the ring-slinging Corps! When deadly conflicts emerge across the universe, it's up to Guy Gardner, John Stewart and an elite Green Lantern strike force to keep the peace--or else.
Kyle Rayner has assembled the most powerful team in the entire universe, selected from the full spectrum of Corps. But can even he hold this volatile group together and help keep these personifications of emotions in check? A new Lantern series from Tony Bedard and Tyler Kirkham!
Find more Green Lanterns at your local comic book shop or Online here! Green Lantern: New Guardians artist Tyler Kirkham even has some art for sale!


2011 was the year of Green Lantern. Especially for Green Lantern media. This year we lantern fans were given a lot and it's all available below.

Hal Jordan, Sinestro and the Guardians of the Universe straight from the big screen!
A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.

Maybe live action isn't your thing. Good news...
As the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps faces a battle with an ancient enemy, Hal Jordan prepares new recruit Arisia for the coming conflict by relating stories of the first Green Lantern and several of Hal's comrades.
Hate live action? Hate hand drawn animation? Love Bruce Timm?
As Earth's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan is used to being in dangerous situations - but he's never faced anything like this! Set at the farthest reaches of deep space, Green Lantern: The Animated Series finds Hal on the Guardian Frontier, where he must face down an invasion from the Red Lantern Corps. Powered by pure rage, the evil Red Lanterns have sworn to destroy the Green Lantern Corps and everything they stand for.


Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters (Videogame) -
$50 on 360/PS3 ($30 on Wii/3DS)
Harness the power of the ultimate weapon! Inspired by the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures' superhero feature film Green Lantern, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters soars onto game consoles this summer, extending the theatrical experience of one of DC Entertainment's most popular superheroes. Playing as gifted pilot Hal Jordan, the first human Green Lantern, gamers will create an arsenal of ring constructs and take flight in outer space and beyond to restore intergalactic order. Players will use the Power Ring to build an array of weapons from green energy to defeat the Manhunters - an evil android race bent on destroying the Green Lantern Corps.
These decorative Green Lantern bookends are the perfect way to keep all your comics and graphic novels neat and in place! When put together, they form the Green Lantern Corps symbol and each feature the movie's logo on the base. These bookends are great for books, movies, CDs and more!
This metal ring prop replica is inspired by the contemporary design of the rings worn by the exclusive Honor Guard of the Green Lantern Corps! Cast in silver metal with a green enamel inlay, the ring also features decorative ridges around the band and comes packaged in a two-part box foil-stamped with the Green Lantern logo. Available in a men's ring size 11 only, as this is a prop replica not intended for everyday wear. Ages 14 and up.
Your little superhero will love this Green Lantern snapsuit! This adorable 100% cotton onesie features short sleeves and a three-snap bottom closure. Available in infant sizes.
The path is filled with excitement and danger in this Power of the Ring game! Once you have the constructs - and the Green Lantern ring - go to the lantern and see if the ring comes up lit. If it does, light up your ring and win the game! For 2 to 4 players. Contents: light-up Green Lantern ring, game board, 4 Green Lantern movers, 4 mover stands, lantern, 16 construct cards, Parallax surprise attack cards, mover die, ring die, labels, rules. Ages 7 and up.
Fueled by willpower, the Green Lantern ring of Power is purported to be the most powerful weapon in the Universe. This Green Lantern 1/4 scale Power Battery and Power Ring prop sit on a translucent green display and can be removed from the stand. Both props light up, featuring manual on/off switches. The Power Battery measures approximately 2.875 inches high (minus handle) x 1.75 inches wide x 2.375 inches deep and is made of PVC/ABS. The Power Ring fits most sizes and lights up when worn. The translucent green acrylic display measures approximately 1.5 inches high x 2 inches wide X 3.25 inches deep. This set comes in 4-color blister packaging.
Find more Green Lantern collectables here!

Well that's it. I've given you a quick tour of things to get yourself or that phantom GL lover in your life. Happy hunting!

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