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Default Recap: Green Lantern at New York Comic-Con 2011

Recap: Green Lantern at New York Comic Con 2011

Couldn't make it to New York for Comic Con? Not interested in twitter? Or maybe you just ignored main page news feed. Either way, we forgive you. So without further ado, here's a recap(in no particular order) of everything Green Lantern related from New York Comic Con!

Friday's Recap

~ As DC Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns announced that next summer there would be a "Robot Chicken" DCU Special.

~ Green Lantern #5 Cover by Doug Mahnke was revealed

~ Also featured at the Green Lantern panel on Friday were Green Lantern Corps writer Peter Tomasi, Green Lantern: New Guardians writer Tony Bedard and editor Brian Cunningham.

~ Before things got into comic discussion, Geoff Johns praised the upcoming Green Lantern: The Animated Series(“It’s the first DC CGI cartoon, so it’ll be awesome,”) that will heavily feature Red Lanterns throughout its first season. Johns also mentioned that Agent Orange himself, Larfleeze would show up as well.

~ GLC writer Peter Tomasi gave small tidbits on his series initial villains saying that they are called Keepers because they were once the keepers of the Green Lantern batteries. The Guardians have taken the lanterns back, and as a result they're somewhat displeased.

~ Johns announced that the second arc of Green Lantern will be called "The Secret of the Indigo Tribe...You’ll find out who founded the Indigo Tribe, what do they want and why”

~ “What he finds on Oa is even worse than what’s happened to him in Time Square,” said Bedard of New Guardians main character Kyle Rayner. Showing a page from issue #2 where Sinestro Corps member Arkillo throws Kyle through the ground in Time Square.

~ With no member of the Red Lanterns creative team available, editor Brian Cunningham spoke on the newest lantern centric title. “The mantra for the book is eye for an eye and then some,” said Cunningham. Saying that the book will focus on all the Red Lanterns, not just Atrocitus. Showing an image of Atrocitus strangling Bleez, Cunningham laughed and added, “As you can see, they get along great!”

~ “We’re going to be talking about the bigger stories with the books this weekend,” said Johns, saying that they wanted to focus on establishing the characters before diving into “the Corp wars,” said Johns.

~ “I want to put a lockdown on Larfleeze--no one else can write him!” laughed Johns. “He’s going to be in 'New Guardians' #4,” revealed Bedard.

~ "Where's G'Nort?" asked a fan, Johns said that in the relaunch he might be the only character that was relaunched "out" of the GL books.

~ When asked about Hal Jordan's last girlfriend,Cowgirl, who he left to go play space cowboy, Johns stated that she kicked him to the curb upon his return to Earth, but fans might see her in an upcoming issue.

~ Geoff Johns says there are more CGI animated cartoons coming after Green Lantern.

~ Johns stated he put a lot of the Brightest Day plot points on the backburner for the New 52, but that in Green Lantern #3 readers will start getting hints on many of the plot points that have been dropped since, such as the location of the white ring and the identity of the first Green Lantern.

~ When asked if there would be a female Green Lantern from Earth coming up, the writers did not dismiss the idea. Bedard pointed out that Earth is "lousy with Green Lanterns" and "you can't swing a dead Dex-Starr without hitting a Green Lantern."

~ Bedard also commented on why Saint Walker made the roster cut in New Guardians. “I was just trying to pick characters I was interested in,” said Bedard, adding, “He’s sort of a known quality and I want to surprise you with aspects you wouldn’t expect.”

~ DC Direct showed off figures of Hal Jordan & Atrocitus from the Green Lantern: The Animated Series

~ Speaking on Green Lantern Sodom Yat, Tomasi admitted that they were planning a larger story line with him that had to be cut short. “Sometimes you have to kill your baby, we just couldn’t fit it in with the war,” said Tomasi, saying that they hope somewhere down the road they could bring him back, but restated there are no plans in the foreseeable future.

~ Johns was asked about his feelings on the Green Lantern live action film(that was released on Blu-Ray/DVD that very day). “I continue to root for it, I hope to get the character another film, and it will be live action, I guarantee it,” said Johns.


Saturday's Recap

~ DC Animated Movie Justice League: Doom Trailer Released

~ The previously announced One Hour Special for Green Lantern: The Animated Series gets a concrete premiere date of November 11th, 2011 at 7pm (ET) on Cartoon Network

~ At the Justice League panel on Saturday, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee spoke on upcoming parts of their JL series. Johns said Green Lantern is fighting Superman in Justice League #2, and Hal calls Barry Allen to say, "Dude, get me out of this!"

~ A penciled image of Darkseid was shown, and Johns confirmed that he's the villain in the story. "Jim and I talked about the first story.... that they should fight DC's greatest villain, and that's Darkseid." Johns said their take on Darkseid is a little different than the way he was before.

~ The Justice League book will increase its price point with the inclusion of a backup (Shazam) story featuring art by Gary Frank and written by Johns.

~ The Hollywood Reporter released the opening scene of Green Lantern: The Animated Series

~ Cartoon Network showed fans the entire pilot episode and giving fans access to executive producer and DC animation icon Bruce Timm.

~ The new series begins with a headstrong Hal Jordan doing his best to balance working as a test pilot for Ferris Industries while policing his sector -- especially Earth -- as a Green Lantern with a secret identity.

~ Hal will maintain a relationship with boss Carol Ferris.

~ Hal Jordan has only been a Green Lantern for "a couple of years" when the series begins. This approach keeps the protagonist confident and increasingly experienced without making him jaded or troubled by too long of a career.

~ When asked if Earth GLs such as John Stewart and Guy Gardner would make appearances on the show, Timm teased that other lanterns and even Sinestro were a possibility down the road, and went on to say that the heroes would return to Earth by the end of the season for a finale full of interstellar warfare.

~ A Kyle Rayner appearance on the show isn't likely.

~ Carol Ferris will be in later episodes where "other aspects" of her character will be explored.

~ Between Sinestro and Carol's teased role as a Star Sapphire, fans can probably count on seeing at least four of the cosmic color corps in the Green Lantern animated series.

~ Timm mused that fans will likely see the DCU version of the Red Lantern Razor appear in the comic at some point.


Sunday's Recap

~ DC Comics Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee held a panel Sunday discussing the entire DCU, Vertigo and MAD line of properties.

~ DC changed King Shark to a Hammerhead Shark because there's also a character in Green Lantern named Shark, who looked too similar.

~ DiDio declined to give any new details on the Earth-2 set JSA title coming next year from James Robinson and Nicola Scott.

~ When the mysterious hooded woman who has appeared in every DCU #1 issue was mentioned, Jim Lee said "It was actually Bob Harras's idea to have something to unify the line. There IS a really cool storyline to work with that character and I don't want to spoil it..."

~ Green Lantern: The Animated Series had a couple of statues on display, including the first look at Blue Lantern Saint Walker.

(First Interior look at Green Lantern: The Animated Series comic)


That's New York Comic Con recapped for you! If you don't want to miss anything again, be sure to check out the Twitter or Facebook page or head to and view the widget on the right for the latest news on all things Green Lantern!

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