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DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio Responds to Fans

I'm sure you remember that we've done this before. Below you'll find a small collection of responses from DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio on various comments/questions from fans via his facebook page. DiDio is known for wiggling his way out of questions so be prepared for "answers" that could mean a lot or absolute horse crap. So what does DiDio talk about? Well, he's asked about the chance for an Absolute Edition of the Sinestro Corps War, the not-so-forgotten Flash Wally West and Keystone City and the existence of Connor Hawke, the Justice League shipping schedule, whether New Krypton or Death of Superman still happened, Zero Hour, Renee Montoya's role, who is the Blue Beetle, Vertigo going digital and more.

Originally Posted by DiDio on any plans for a Sinestro Corps War Absolute Edition
"no plans yet, but a good idea!"
Originally Posted by Dan DiDio when told fans want Wally West back as Keystone City's Flash
"Hmmmm I think Keystone is back on Earth 2"
Originally Posted by Is Reene Montoya still the Question and is Vic Sage still dead?"
"Renee will be seen as a member of the Gotham City Police Force."
Originally Posted by Are the old JLI stories in continuity? Were Ted and Booster ever friends? Is Max Lord still evil?
"Hard to be friends with people that were never around, as for Max, I don't see him as evil, just determined."
Originally Posted by With the Jaime Reyes origin being retold, any way Ted Kord can now be his tutor?
"Jaime is the one and only Blue Beetle."

Originally Posted by Dan DiDio when asked "What's the status of Connor Hawke in the DCnU? Does he still exist?"
"Well, if Oliver Queen is in his mid twenties..."
Originally Posted by Dan DiDio on why the second issue of the Justice League title ships 7 weeks after issue 1
"Justice League is a third week book and we moved it from the third week in September to the last week in August to tie in with Flashpoint. After that, it goes to its regularly scheduled week and stays there."
Originally Posted by Dan DiDio seemingly commenting on his OMAC title crossing over with Jeff Lemire's Frankenstein in issue 5 of both series
"NO events doesn't mean we can't crossover titles or characters."

Originally Posted by Dan DiDio on how "Death of Superman" fits in continuity now
"We are keeping the "spirit of the story" in place. Superman died, adn got better. But the events and people around it have changed includign the fact that the Reign of Superman did not replace him in death but were inspired by it."
Originally Posted by DiDio when asked if "New Krypton" happened in this continuity
"magic eight ball says "Not Likely""

Originally Posted by DiDio when asked if Superman/Superboy still inspired the Legion of Superheroes
"hmmmmmmm let me get back to you"
Originally Posted by Is Knightfall in continuity?
"yeap, in some fashion."
Originally Posted by If the Zero Hour timeline is still held true at the end of the old DCU, then "Year One" is considered the time when Superman, Batman, etc.
"The Zero Hour Timeline is no longer in effect. New start"
Originally Posted by Any word if the Vertigo books are going digital day-and-date in September as well?
"No plans for Vertigo day and date yet."

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