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DC Comics Announces the Return of "JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA"

Today at FanExpo 2011 in Toronto, Canada, DC Comics announced during the DC: The New 52 panel that there will be a new Justice Society of America title, written by James Robinson with art by Nicola Scott. There had been speculation on the net about this book for the last few weeks, but who knew it would be announced so soon. In fact, it was just three days ago that the pre-relaunch "Justice Society of America" comic ended.

As an added bonus to the return of Alan Scott and the JSA, Earth-2 is back as well. Robinson and Scott will be telling the tales of the JSA in the new DC Universe, but on Earth-2. Let's celebrate the good news of the society's return now, and worry about the logistics of the new DCU multiverse later shall we?

“It’s everything you want, but not what you expect,” promises Eddie Berganza, DC Comics Executive Editor.

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