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Artist Tyler Kirkham Updates Gallery with Sketches & Green Lantern: New Guardians Designs

Green Lantern: New Guardians and former Green Lantern Corps artist Tyler Kirkham has updated his gallery at and with that offered a small update on his progress of New Guardians. Before you read that below, take notice to the sketches he also posted featuring John Stewart as an Indigo Lantern designs, a new Indigo lantern design and Star Sapphire Fatality among others. There was much talk of who the featured Star Sapphire was on Kirkham's cover to New Guardians. This sketch would seem to confirm that Fatality will be "love corps" representative as they are listed as "Fatality idea".

Check more designs/sketches from Kirkham at his website. As for that New Guardians update? Kirkham had only this say

I've wrapped up issue 1 of Green Lanterns, New Guardians. I'm really excited about this project. Its part of DC's NEW 52 Reboot starting in September.

So everyone mark your calendars.

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