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Default Recap: Green Lantern at San Diego Comic-Con 2011

Couldn't make it to San Diego for Comic Con? Not interested in twitter? Or maybe you just ignored mainpage news feed. Either way, we forgive you. So without further ado, here's a recap(in no particular order) of everything Green Lantern related from San Diego Comic Con!

~ Cartoon Network held a Green Lantern: The Animated Series panel that showed a 6min clip of the series.

~ Jim Kreig, the writer of the show, let the fans know that the bad guys of the story will be the Red Lanterns and "The Red Lanterns are mean. That they're not good. They're very very bad. It's great to have an enemy a legitimate threat" to Hal Jordan and Kilowog.

~ Razer, is a reformed Red Lantern. Kreig described him "for the ladies" as a "bit of a bad boy," claiming that Razer will give viewers insight into the mind of a Red Lantern.

~ The panel then announced that 26 half hour episodes have been green lit, and the Red Lantern oath would appear in the show, but a "kinder" version. Also of note, it seems Red Lantern Atrocitus has been redesigned for the show.

~ There was also a Green Lantern specific panel featuring Green Lantern Corps writer Peter Tomasi, DC's Executive Editor Eddie Berganza, Red Lanterns artist Ed Benes, Emerald Knights Producer Alan Burnett, and Creative Executive at DC Entertainment Adam Schlagman and of course Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns.

~ "When Sinestro got the ring, he doesn't want it but can't get it off. The Guardians don't want him to have it, the rest of the corps doesn't want him to have it." - Johns

~ "The second arc will reveal ALL the secrets about the Indigo Tribe and their connection to Abin Sur." Geoff also mentioned that Sinestro will be a candidate for an Indigo ring...

~ Tomasi wants to have GLC feel like a war book. Pocket dimensions will be explored to start things off. If you didn't know, the book will feature Guy Gardner and John Stewart come September(with art by Fernando Pasarin).

~ The third arc of Green Lantern will focus on "the first lantern"

~ "Bedard will be exploring all the corps, and at the center is Kyle Rayner, the most emotional Green lantern" says Berganza. Green Lantern: New Guardians has a cool logo. Nice splash page of Kyle and Ganthet was shown.

~ Apparently all the other corps want Kyle Rayner to be their "torch bearer"

~ Alan Burnett and Geoff teased a project together. "Alan and I are working on another... something else" and then added "We can't tell you, but it's awesome. A very requested storyline"

~ 2 pages of Ed Benes' Red Lanterns were shown, one featuring Atrocitus being his usual angry self. The second highlighting the backside of Bleez.

~ Benes is really enjoying working on Red Lanterns, as it's something new to him. He won't be changing his style, because he is still adapting with the characters.

~ Johns says Hal Jordan's life will be utterly terrible come September. "He's been gone so long, he has no job, he's been evicted from his apartment, he doesnt even have a car...So you'll see in that book what he tries to do without the ring"

~ We will not be seeing the Corpse. - Peter Tomasi

~ Dex-Starr Valentines Day special WILL happen says Johns...pending the existence of Krypto.

~ "I feel like it's an organic part to what we've done with the story. It wasn't really a decision to have Hal lose the ring, it just grew from the storyline. It timed out right, too, we ended it a month earlier than we should have because we thought it was a good ending." - Johns on replacing Hal with Sinestro.

~ "I don't need redemption" - Sinestro

~ We'll eventually see the entities return in New Guardians

~ GLC will see the destination of Mogo's ring.

~ Tomasi says that OA will continue to be explored. "Hitting the middle section" Geoff mentions "You'll see the dragon creature in the bowels of Oa again soon"

~ Johns did say Sinestro Secret Origin is still being worked on as well. Though working around new Aquaman artist Ivan Reis' schedule is an issue.

~ Geoff reiterates that the GL: NEW GUARDIANS cover is not indicative of who exactly is in the book

~ Isamot will be in GLC and we'll see new characters too

~ Johns says he has at least three more years worth of GL stories to tell

~ "Black Hand will be coming back" - Johns

~ There were discussions of an Agent Orange minseries.

~ No plans for the Whale Green Lantern shown in Animal Man's future.

~ "Not in the immediate future, but somewhere down the line we'll get back to Yat." - Tomasi

~ "New Guardians, you'll be surprised who's in there for the Sapphires" - Berganza. "Carol's still a Star Sapphire, but she's kinda done wearing the ring for awhile. You'll see why in Green Lantern."

~ There was also a panel specifically for GLC writer Peter Tomasi. During the panel, he opened up on GLC, his process, Guy Gardner, Editing and a lot more.

~ "I take a long time to write action scenes"- Peter Tomasi

~ Tomasi, Johns, Bedard and (Red Lanterns writer Peter) Milligan all decided to keep their books separate for a while. Tomasi is hoping for two years with no crossovers.

~ There were future plans for Guy and Ice but time and other issues arose. Thus, the sudden breakup/makeup mixup between Blackest Night/Generation Lost.

~ War of the GLs: Aftermath #2 will dive into how the Corps feels about Sinestro's new role.

~ Tomasi said in September, we'll see John and Guy struggle with their lives outside of the corps. Specifically mentioning that John would be impatient with his job and Guy would look into coaching again.

~ Tomasi says he'll basically do his own thing with Guy Gardner that's separate from JLI. Also stating that he's not sure how long or often Guy would even appear in the new Justice League: International title. with Green Lantern Corps Writer Peter Tomasi
(Photo taken by WALT SIMONSON!) Photos from Comic-Con 2011!

Well that's it! That's a lot of information. If we missed anything, check back later as we'll be updating regularly just in case. If you don't want to miss anything again, be sure to check out the Twitter or Facebook page or head to and view the widget on the right for the latest news on all things Green Lantern!

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