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DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio Speaks on JSA

While the Green Lantern books seemed to have made it through Flashpoint without much change, the magical Green Lantern Alan Scott is left without a Justice Society of America book. DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio took time to address the JSA via Facebook. Read what he had to say below:

AS for JSA, we have decided to rest this concept while we devote our attention on the launch of the three new Justice League series. As for other characters and series not part of the initial 52, there are plenty of stories to be told, and we're just getting started.

best, DD
When a fan mentioned that this news saddened him, DiDio followed with:

who said we weren't going to see the characters?

So there may be a place for JSA characters to spring out of limbo but there are currently no plans for a JSA title.

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