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Mister Ed 08-21-2018 08:43 PM

Kind of excited that my middle son is now reading GL
After the longest time of being unable to convince my kids to read much of anything in the way of comics, my middle son, in search of reading material that wasn't likely to run out real fast (he's gone through a bunch of series of novels and doesn't like the part where he has to pick what book to read next when a series ends), decided to start reading my GL collection.

He's made it through all my Archives, GL/GA (I've got a gap in my collection between the Archives and GL/GA, unfortunately. I've READ the issues, because the library used to have the B&W collections of them, but they have since lost them so he had no way to read those issues), and is almost to the GL Corps miniseries with Nekron (reading various crossover issues and tie-ins along the way).

He seems to be enjoying it, though he is a bit more inclined to mock some of the more implausible stuff that he runs across in issues than I was when I first read them (and jumps on inconsistencies in how stuff is handled, though I try to point out to him that some of those were much less noticeable when you read the issues years apart instead of days). I've got my fingers crossed that he might actually catch up some day (if he can persevere through some of the rough patches- probably easier when binge-reading than when they originally dragged on through many months).

Space Cop 08-21-2018 09:39 PM

Very cool.
Is he science-oriented in school? Because I could see someone like that approaching GL with more incredulity.

Mister Ed 08-22-2018 02:24 PM

He does like science. But he also does just like mocking stuff in general. I think it is a phase or something, maybe a generational thing (or maybe his dad might OCCASIONALLY model mocking behavior in an attempt to be funny...nah, that can't be it).

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