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Hypo 10-20-2015 11:32 PM

Green Lantern: Lost Army #5 *Previews/Spoilers*
Green Lantern: Lost Army #5 Preview
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Jesus Saiz

jhpace1 10-21-2015 11:24 PM

Three stars.

The annoying flashbacks into John Stewart's Afghanistan war memories continue. But this is B'Dg's time to shine as the intelligent squirrel who can fit into places no one else can, including where the "light pirates" have stored the GLC's rings. And not just their rings, but the lightsticks of all the captured Lightsmiths. Guy Gardner being Guy was much more fun to read, as he and Kilowog "take charge" in their prison cell, uncooperative Rage Lightsmiths that can't communicate with them or not. (Also continuity error: neither Guy nor the Rage Lightsmiths appear to be lacking a heart because of their red light) One powered-up squirrel later, the GLC breaks out of the cells, but their rings go back to being minimally-charged after the "light pirates" have been draining them for several hours.

Salaak finds out where the lightsticks & rings are being drained, even taken apart for retro-engineering, and Kilowog gets a lightstick instead of a power ring. John wants to know if the Lightsmiths can work together against the common problem, but Relic and Krona show up to free everyone from the light pirates' space station. With all the Lightsmiths going their separate ways, John, Guy, and Salaak concentrate on finding Mogo the planet GL. Salaak picks up a signal - but it's not good. Mogo is being attacked by the floating Central Power Pyramids in space.

Artwork was acceptable, but not outstanding. A minor GL dies. Guy being Guy with Salaak being Salaak was great. Other characterizations were accurate. There were just too many questions and not enough answers. All the Lightsmiths present were the "foot soldier" variety, no Guardians or leaders among them.

A good rise from the "low" point of being captured by the light pirates. But a prison break is not a good storyline, unless it provides real answers. This issue just gets the GLC back into deep outer space looking for answers to their amnesia and separation.

Space Cop 10-21-2015 11:28 PM


Originally Posted by jhpace1 (Post 911683)
... But this is B'Dg's time to shine as the intelligent squirrel who can fit into places no one else can, including where the "light pirates" have stored the GLC's rings. . .

That was what I really liked this ish.

Kane2814 10-22-2015 05:07 PM

When whatsisname Lantern dies, did anyone else have a Sam Neil "Hunt for Red October" flashback?

I was a bit surprised Guy just let John talk to him that way - without so much as a rejoinder. Guy on a normal day would've said something, but he's still half red.

Interesting to see Kil with the Lightsmith Green stick. A bit surprised he wasn't one of the first ones to get a ring when they only had a few.

jhpace1 10-22-2015 06:19 PM

The writers and editor teams are not following GLC continuity. GL rings can duplicate themselves, often with only minimal (less than 1%) charge left. B'Dg could have just duplicated enough rings for everybody. Non-duplication is a limitation from Kyle Rayner days and The Animated Series and animated GL movies.

But if anybody had to get a Lightsmith lightstick, I'd prefer Kilowog to a younger GL. I would have grabbed a green one, a blue one, a red one, and an indigo one to take back to the Templar Guardians for replication when all this is said and done.

"Chosen" 10-22-2015 06:40 PM

I don't know who's the worse writer, Bunn or Venditti.

Tarmode 10-28-2015 11:30 PM

The lantern that is chosen to die, that's a BS moment. Another low blow for the corps.

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