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Dantius 06-27-2016 07:35 PM

Will you help me write the ultimate Green Lantern movie plot?
While I know they are unlikely to ever become actual films, I have long since undertaken the hobby of writing down the plots for my ideal DC films in a three-act structure in a high level of detail. To the extent that I have already planned out an entire "cinematic universe" ala Marvel movies. I do this by mostly taking scenes from the comics (usually with help from the DC wiki), though I do alter them heavily.

Since October last year I have been working on Green Lantern Corps, which is my second movie in the Green Lantern movie line, based on the Sinestro Corps War story arc from the comics. Recently I have begun work on writing the first film: The Green Lantern.

However, I have come to a wall, and I must now ask for your help in putting this together. How would your ideal Green Lantern movie work? What should the overall plot be? Is there anything in particular I should include?

The villain is Krona and his army of Manhunters, but Atrocitus appears as a minor side villain (similar to his role in Secret Origin, but less significant). However, I also want to add Star Sapphire to the story in some way, considering the second act seriously needs more content. For this plot, I have combined elements from Secret Origin, Emerald Dawn and War of the Green Lanterns, but as I said, I have hit a roadblock and I am not sure how to lengthen the plot. So please suggest ANY ideas you like, no matter how detailed or simple. Attempts to maintain the aforementioned elements would also be appreciated, so as to prevent conflicts with the next film.

Dantius 11-08-2016 06:32 PM

Little bump due to significant original post alterations.

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