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Conversation Between Lantern Kreon and W.West
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  1. W.West
    07-06-2009 03:28 AM
    Didn't get chance to ask Ethan about the album cover, sorry dude I was being rushed.
  2. W.West
    06-03-2009 03:15 PM
    lol, nice sig.
  3. Lantern Kreon
    04-24-2009 04:30 AM
    Lantern Kreon
    Our first draft pick is #59. there won't be any QBs left at that point.
  4. W.West
    04-24-2009 04:09 AM
    SANCHEZ! Mark Sanchez looks quite impressive to me.

    Colt McCoy is the next Joey Harrington. I'd take Graham Harrell.
  5. Lantern Kreon
    04-24-2009 04:06 AM
    Lantern Kreon
    it's a renegotiation of his contract for cap reasons. he's here longer, but he's making less.
    he's gonna be taking the bench in a year or 2, but there're no QBs worth going after in this draft.

    Personally I think we should just fuck up this year and grab Colt McCoy in the next draft.
  6. W.West
    04-24-2009 03:33 AM
    Jake for 5 years? LMAO, GOOD LUCK!

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