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Conversation Between Booster Beetle and "Chosen"
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  1. "Chosen"
    10-28-2014 04:44 PM
    Pretty much what he's doing now, but x10.
  2. Booster Beetle
    10-28-2014 02:46 AM
    Booster Beetle
    What did Tazz do to get banned last time?
  3. "Chosen"
    09-12-2014 06:53 PM
    Just look at him, wrestling and the internet is all he has. Sad. Don't pay him any mind.
  4. Booster Beetle
    09-12-2014 05:42 PM
    Booster Beetle
  5. "Chosen"
    09-12-2014 04:52 PM
    What R.I.P. Thread?

    And honestly, he was only unbanned for the purpose he is serving now. But he isn't as bad as he was before.
  6. Booster Beetle
    09-12-2014 04:16 PM
    Booster Beetle
    I have no idea why Dave unbanned him.
    Hopefully he'll see the R.I.P thread and fix his mistake...
  7. "Chosen"
    09-12-2014 02:49 PM
    Don't waste your time talking to Tazz.
  8. "Chosen"
    11-24-2013 09:48 PM
    the movie must suck and the ps4 senses it lol
  9. "Chosen"
    11-24-2013 07:56 PM
    not sure why you have that problem, do any of your other blu rays work?
  10. "Chosen"
    11-24-2013 06:35 PM
    blu ray or dvd?

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