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Conversation Between Booster Beetle and "Chosen"
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  1. "Chosen"
    01-29-2015 06:56 PM
    sooooooooooooo you too good to ask me questions? lol
  2. "Chosen"
    01-23-2015 04:12 AM
    15 minutes with me is now up!!
  3. "Chosen"
    01-20-2015 09:04 PM
    Go to the WB thread
  4. "Chosen"
    01-20-2015 08:58 PM
    I work near Las Colinas. We just had one 30 minutes ago, and a few last week.
  5. Booster Beetle
    01-20-2015 08:55 PM
    Booster Beetle
  6. "Chosen"
    01-20-2015 08:34 PM
    FUCK PAIGE! Anywho, you feeling these earthquakes?!
  7. Booster Beetle
    01-20-2015 08:10 PM
    Booster Beetle
    Paige is nothing like Gail Kim man! Gail Kim is the worst!!

    And I google gamefaqs and Paige and the only negative things I could find was people complaining about not getting her in time
  8. Booster Beetle
    01-20-2015 07:24 PM
    Booster Beetle
    No, I'm just her only fan on this board

    If she was as unpopular as you think then she wouldn't be on Total Divas!
  9. Booster Beetle
    01-20-2015 05:42 PM
    Booster Beetle
    Those people must have never seen Tamina or Eva Marie then lol
  10. Booster Beetle
    01-20-2015 05:26 PM
    Booster Beetle
    I don't blame them for leaving, I make Divas matches my bathroom breaks unless Paige is in it
    P.s. what they did say about Paige?
    I'm curious

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