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Conversation Between Hypo and "Chosen"
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  1. "Chosen"
    12-21-2014 04:54 PM
    Do you have an article or anything stating that Geoff Johns chose Venditti as his successor on GL?
  2. "Chosen"
    07-12-2014 10:34 PM
    Just goes to show that no one here cares about GL anymore lol
  3. Hypo
    07-12-2014 07:27 PM
    Posted! Can't believe that was announced yesterday and no one posted it lol.
  4. "Chosen"
  5. Hypo
    07-01-2014 01:52 PM
    Happy birthday!
  6. Hypo
    07-01-2013 06:40 PM
    Happy Birthday!

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