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Conversation Between Hypo and "Chosen"
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  1. "Chosen"
    07-06-2016 11:24 PM
    It amazes me that people will pay 2.99 for a book they know they will not enjoy, just so they can come on here and give it 1 star
  2. "Chosen"
    07-02-2016 11:55 PM
    Thanks man... but... does that mean i get to spaz out like kolowog?
  3. Hypo
    07-02-2016 03:08 AM
    Happy birthday bruh! You're officially midlife crisis eligible!
  4. Hypo
    06-11-2016 11:24 PM
    Lmao. What a clown.
  5. "Chosen"
    06-11-2016 09:55 PM
  6. "Chosen"
    05-23-2016 05:32 PM
    i found a LCS, but the owner is an asshole.
  7. Hypo
    05-18-2016 02:57 PM
  8. "Chosen"
    05-18-2016 01:56 PM
  9. "Chosen"
    05-17-2016 04:09 AM
    I've yet to find one here in Dallas, the one that shows up in Google Maps is never open lol
  10. Hypo
    05-17-2016 03:55 AM

    Though I don't know how the shipping on either would be, try your LCS?

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