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  1. Ωmega Man
    01-17-2013 10:29 PM
    Ωmega Man
    Heeeey man long time no see! We're about to get the latest RPG revived after a short hiatus if you'd be up for it. We just lost some members who're making their own RP, but I could use some more vets from the previous games! Details are in the opening post of the OOC thread stickied in the Fan Works forum...

    Hope to hear from ya man!

  2. supercoolcasey
    01-25-2011 03:45 AM
    sounds interesting enough
  3. Ωmega Man
    01-22-2011 02:10 AM
    Ωmega Man
    Lemme know what you think about the possible 31st century reboot in the RPG! Last few posts in the thread explains most of it....

  4. supercoolcasey
    12-12-2010 04:02 PM
  5. Ωmega Man
    12-12-2010 02:46 AM
    Ωmega Man
    Hey man, since you're level 5 you wanna use the Black Nee-Hon too later on?

  6. supercoolcasey
    10-15-2010 01:54 AM
    my wife lost her job today too so yea its still gonna get cut off
  7. supercoolcasey
    10-15-2010 12:12 AM
    10 hours aga i woulda said no but i got laid off today so who knows
  8. Ωmega Man
    10-15-2010 12:09 AM
    Ωmega Man
    So's your 'net still getting cut off?

  9. Ωmega Man
    09-16-2010 02:36 AM
    Ωmega Man

  10. supercoolcasey
    09-16-2010 02:33 AM
    alright i posted

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