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Conversation Between Andrew NDB and GLC2814.4
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  1. GLC2814.4
    07-16-2009 05:02 AM
    You got it man!
  2. Andrew NDB
    07-16-2009 05:00 AM
    Andrew NDB
    I do! More than ever, actually. My Paypal is if you can go that route.
  3. GLC2814.4
    07-16-2009 04:55 AM
    You need donations man? Sorry I havent been around in months. Let me know where to send the bling bling.
  4. GLC2814.4
    07-16-2008 02:40 AM
    Thank You Sir! :salutes:
  5. GLC2814.4
    07-15-2008 10:59 PM
    Hey Brudda! Was hoping if I could get a special Title for my 1000th posts: Can you do Bearer of Blue Ring or Blue Lantern Honor Guard. And thank again for the greatest MB around!

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