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Conversation Between Space Cop and Mister Ed
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  1. Mister Ed
    09-07-2020 11:58 AM
    Mister Ed
    Yep, I’m old now. In fact, since my wife decided a few years back that she would subtract a year each birthday, I’m on my way to being some kind of pervy, old, cradle robber.
  2. Space Cop
    09-05-2020 03:05 AM
    Space Cop
    Happy, birthday, old man. I just made it in with 55 minutes to go (or 2 hr 55 min your time).
  3. Mister Ed
    09-04-2019 05:45 PM
    Mister Ed
  4. Space Cop
    09-04-2019 03:40 PM
    Space Cop
    A very happy birthday!
  5. Space Cop
    09-05-2018 08:46 PM
    Space Cop
    Ditto. Just got back from two weeks in Maine with the family and restaurant eating is pretty indulgent.
  6. Mister Ed
    09-05-2018 04:59 PM
    Mister Ed
    Thanks! I don't feel old, but I am feeling kind of fat after a week and half of vacation which included sweets and restaurant food and very little exercise.
  7. Space Cop
    09-05-2018 02:04 AM
    Space Cop
    Happy b-day. Live long and prosper.
  8. Mister Ed
    09-07-2017 07:21 PM
    Mister Ed
    I was never going to have one, but my work gave it to me free (they pay the bills) so that I could be contacted more easily.
  9. Space Cop
    09-07-2017 05:31 PM
    Space Cop
    I don't even have a smart phone. My cell does nothing but make and receive calls and I still wish I could throw it away.
  10. Mister Ed
    09-07-2017 04:30 PM
    Mister Ed
    Thanks! They've been changing out my equipment here at work, which is the place that I usually access the internet, so I've been offline for a while. I hate browsing on my phone.

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