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Conversation Between d3v1lb0y and Ωmega Man
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  1. d3v1lb0y
    09-03-2012 07:22 AM
    go ahead man
  2. Ωmega Man
    09-03-2012 06:29 AM
    Ωmega Man
    Based on my White Lantern Kyle designs.... I think my next fanfic will have Kyle as a White Lantern. Wanna see the notes I have and give me a little feedback?

  3. d3v1lb0y
    08-15-2012 06:28 AM
    sorry KL been busy and only an able to log in either at Midday or this late at night... If I try to go into the RPG game I'll get beaten or kill too soon because of lack of participation.. sorry
  4. Ωmega Man
    08-10-2012 10:35 PM
    Ωmega Man
    I was just gonna make the Earth RL, buuuuuuut if you think you could try and work the RPG into your schedule I'd be willing to make you the most badass RL micro you've ever seen.

    Deadpool's stuff isn't bad but he frankensteins micros together most of the time. He's a good kid but if he just did stuff completely from scratch I think his stuff would turn out better.

  5. d3v1lb0y
    08-10-2012 10:26 PM
    ohhh... didn't thought you'll mind.. Deadpool did it for me..
    if you want to you could make one that has the mask I'm wearing on my avatar.. here's a front & side shot of it..

    althought the goatee is twice as long now..
  6. Ωmega Man
    08-10-2012 10:15 PM
    Ωmega Man
    Man if you wanted the Earth RL to go along with my RL Kyle I'd have made him for ya. It always looks weird seeing other peoples micros next to my more proportionate ones....

  7. d3v1lb0y
    08-04-2012 03:44 AM
    sorry I didn't answer ealier.
    I normally don't play any RPG games.. and don't know if I would be able to since my web access at work is really limited and I get home @10pm PST each day .. and on the weekends well I wouldn't be able to play at all
  8. Ωmega Man
    08-04-2012 02:01 AM
    Ωmega Man
    Hey man, so... did you get that PM about the new RPG? Both Green AND Red Lanterns are available... I can make you one hell of a micro and help you with the stats and everything. I'm actually in need of some Reds to balance the game a little more....

  9. d3v1lb0y
    03-03-2012 05:12 AM
    thanks man!
    RL Kyle it's awesome..
    if you have a bigger version I'll like to have it... thanks!
  10. Ωmega Man
    03-02-2012 07:30 PM
    Ωmega Man
    Posted the Red Kyle, hope ya like it. Said something about an avatar too if you'd like one...


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