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Conversation Between Limelantern and Orion Pax
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  1. Limelantern
    07-28-2012 04:56 PM
    After being banned for about a year I had little interest in wanting to be around here. I mostly lost interest in Green Lantern related things for the most part. Stopped reading it around two years ago. I considered it excessive since people that I saw who actually trolled and created trouble were not banned for nearly as long.

    I noticed no one uses flashchat at all any longer so I have not really spoken to anyone much.
  2. Orion Pax
    07-26-2012 01:32 PM
    Orion Pax
    And you? You pop in from time to time or not?
  3. Limelantern
    07-26-2012 02:04 AM
    No more section after he lost interest in hosting it? Weird.
  4. Orion Pax
    07-25-2012 08:22 PM
    Orion Pax
    It died. Mav lost interest and he was running the thing.
  5. Limelantern
    07-25-2012 05:12 PM
    What happened to the rp section of the forum?
  6. Orion Pax
    06-03-2012 12:16 AM
    Orion Pax
    A bit. Site seems to have died of a lot. Welcome back btw.
  7. Limelantern
    06-02-2012 07:46 PM
    Have people mostly stopped using FC?
  8. Limelantern
    05-25-2010 02:24 AM
    Looks like everyone ditched FC
  9. Limelantern
    05-25-2010 02:19 AM
    Okay, just downloaded Chrome and it works
  10. Orion Pax
    05-25-2010 02:12 AM
    Orion Pax
    turn of the firewall or Anti virus

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